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Internet WebCams in Szczecin and Świnoujście


There are several WebCams available for example in Swinoujście Harbor. Maybe somebody we see vessels entering the Channel.

The Tall Ships' Races Baltic 2007 - vessels' berthing

Everybody is invited to Szczecin Harbour. Next moment to see all the armada in Poland will be in 2009.

Members of the Brotherhood of Brig (in Polish only) ar mostly interested in comparison of STS F.Chopin and s/y Concordia.

The Tall Ships' Races Mediterranean 2007

We are all interested in the participation of the STS F.Chopin (unfortunatelly in Polish only) in The Tall Ships' Races Baltic 2007.

Genoa - Capitans' Reception

STS F.Chopin like many others has reached port Mariehamn on Alands.

Observe movements of chips in Sztokholm and Goteborg. Fantastic presentation of weather on Baltic Sea.

38 years after - who can believe that!

The Tall Ships’ Races Baltic 2007 can be placed somewhere on Baltic Sea on the way to Tallina.

Can you believe that it is 38 years since A small step for a man but an enormous one for the Mankind.

STS F.Chopin crew during prize giving ceremony in Kotka

Very interesting documentary and pictures from the 1st leg of the Tall Ships’ Races Baltic 2007.

A group of sailors under Capitan J.Czajewski and M.Potempski visits 'Shtandart' - photo of STS F.Chopin departing Kotka for Helsinki

Gallery of Picture fund In the Internet as well as several taken by Natalia Buchholz and Mateusz Potempski

Tall Ships in Kotka - artistic presentation

Please find an interesting photo of sailing vessels reaching the harbour.

STS F.Chpoin somewhere in the middle of the Baltic Sea

Operation Sail reached Kotka.

Operation Sail has started.

There are 87 vessels taking part in a race from Arhus to Kotka. We are happy that there are 17 Class A sailing vessels.

Alexander von Humboldt and Fryderyk Chopin

We start a gallery devoted to  Operation Sail. There is a picture of our direst STS F.Chopin.

STS F.Chopin participating in 'Operation Sail 2007'

The biggest sailing event in the World is coming soon! STS F.Chopin reaches Arhus a place where The Tall Ships’ Races Baltic 2007 begins.

STS F.Chopin - The Tall Ships' Races Baltic 2007

MSN Maps

An enormous effort has been undertaken to make Virtual Journeys easier and more educational. Several starting pages has been changed: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean. Pages for Indian Ocean have been added.

Baltic Sea

September 13th, 2006. sts F.Chopin back in Gdynia. She visited several new ports on the Baltic Sea so new ports has been added to the menu. You are invited to check those pages. You can check the resent changes studding updates.

Be invited to visit a new gallery of pictures from the latest BUP 2006 Cruise.

Christian School Afloat

Due to limited information from sts F.Chopin you are invited to visit pages of numerous Schools Afloat.

There is a new Christian School getting ready for a Round the World Voyage. See Concordia, Pogoria and Chopin

Sail Training International

The port of Szczecin will host the Sail Training International (STI) Annual International Conference on November 17th-19th, 2006. Organization of Tall Ships' Races on the Baltic Sea in 2007 will be discussed there.

You are invited to visit pages of  American Sail Training Association (ASTA). We hope there will be a common meeting place for both organizations in the future (eg. TALL SHIPS ATLANTIC CHALLENGE, APRIL - AUGUST 2009).

Baltic University Programme

01.09.2006. There is an information that August 28th-September 10th sts F.Chopin is taken over by students of Baltic University Programme.

There is very little information available but we hope to find some on student's pages after the cruise. Up to now You can see farewell of students of previous School which took place at the "International Bus Terminal" which took place on October 3rd, 2005 in Warsaw (photo on the right).

International Bus Stop

Caribbeana Sea

There is a growing chance that a dream of Brotherhood of Brig to organize

21st School Afloat will go through!

To make easier choices for potential young students of this school, pages informing about Caribbean Sea region have been changed.

21st School Afloat

Port of Gdynia

August 27th, 2006 sts F.Chopin is expected to moor at Port of Gdynia.

So there will be no problem with a diplomatic argument about German Sea maneuvres which had taken place on the route to Świnoujscie Harbour in recent days. We are sure that sts F.Chopin crew is much better in navigation than Turkish SKY Airlines pilots who landed on a military airport near Poznań instead of civilian one. Brotherhood of Brig navigation is not disturbed ether by the fact that our Solar System has shrunken on August 24th.

Lubeck - Baltic Sea

August 23rd. sts F.Chopin with 2nd Voyage of Architects on the Batlic Sea again. It is windy today.

They visited a beautiful old German town Lübeck.

Screem by Edvard Munch

It is expected that 2nd Voyage of Architects departed Oslo. It is worth mentioning of the first voyage on the sts F.Chopin organized by Brotherhood of Brig in 2004. During stay in Oslo Brig members visited Munch Museum and admired his work Screem. Several days after our visit this painting was stolen. You are advised to read a very interesting press article dealing with the problem of stolen paintings.

August 22nd, 2006 it was reported by Norwegian press that there are negotiations undertaken to return this painting back to the gallery.

15 years of Internet in Poland

August 18th, 2006   15 years of Internet in Poland!


Our presence is much shorter. We appeared on the Internet on February 5th, 2005.

You wish to check what in on our pages feel free to check the latest on this page or recent updates or archive.

Sorry that most of the pages are in Polish but an effort is undertaken to change it.

Wind & Water - Sopot 2006

Most of the Brotherhood of Brig members are sailing on the sts F.Chopin at the moment. Those who are left in Poland are suggested to visit Sopot for a sailing fair Wiatr i Woda (Wind @ Water).

There are no confirmed reports where sts F.Chopin can be found but it is supposed that the 2nd Voyage of Architects is heading for Oslo. The 1st officer is captain Jacek Czajewski and it is expected that professor Stefan Kuryłowicz will embark in Copenhagen. You are encouraged to visit report on 1st Voyage of Architecs

Hanse Sail August 10-13th, 2006 - where to find sts F.Chopin

sts F.Chopin can be observed she enters the Rostock Harbour (0810) for Hanse Sail.

One can try to track ships entering the Port or in the Harbour.

Architecture Department flag on sts F.Chopin

We learned that sts F.Chopin sails from Norway to Rostock at the moment. It is expected the 2nd Voyage of Architects will start on August 14th.

Museum of Warsaw Rizing 1944

Members of  Brotherhood of Brig of sts F.Chopin

August 1st marks a very important anniversary for most of the Poles. Remember about "Hour W" (5pm when Warsaw Rising started). Some of You are active participants in preparations of its 62nd anniversary.